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You can shoot the video with impressive Glitter effect. Effect is like a cross filter for attachment to the camera lens. Light emitting materials and reflective object will shine even more in real-time.

Jewelry, glass, illumination, etc.
Please use when you want a gorgeous shot a little!

■ Basic function
· You can switch the effect on the left and right.
· You can see the effect in real time even during the preview.
· There is a slider to adjust the sparkling power.
· When you unlock, you will be able to Record with all effects.
(Also disappear disturbing banner!)

■ Caution
· You can not photography(still images)
· Sometimes, there is an unintended area is sparkling ….
· By the situation at the time of shooting, the video might not all glitter or too sparkly.
Please try to adjust the sparkling power of slider.

■ Support status
IOS7 later
· IPhone5s, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus / 1920×1080, 30fps
· IPhone5 / 1280×720, 30fps
· IPhone4s / 1280×720, 20-30fps
· Available on the iPad


Software Lisences.
“This software contains source code provided by NVIDIA Corporation.”




  1. Kentaro Yama様









    1. kirakira ハマっていつも楽しく使わせてもらっています。



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  3. Criam versão Android. Muitas pessoas não podem ter um iPhone … é gostaríamos muito de usar este App que é maravilhoso.

  4. I have the iPhone 7 plus. & I have already paid for the app. & it is not working for me. But I’ve seen on instagram that another woman has it on the same phone I have.
    For me, it is just showing a black screen & when I press the picture bottom it then closes out the app ;(

  5. Hello! The effects look great. Will this be available for Android anytime soon?

  6. I just downloaded the app. I couldn’t even open it, when I click the capture button, it crashes and shuts off. Help

  7. I am so disappointed. It says PHOTO & VIDEO but doesn’t do photos?!?!?!! Why????

  8. kirakira+で撮った写真が保存できないのなぜでしょうか?iPhoneを使ってます。

  9. We are trying to build the android version.
    The transplant of the effect is almost over but a lot of adjustment is necessary.
    It seems that it will take some time yet.

    Thank you!

  10. I really like the idea of this app and i hope an android version of it will be available soon!


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